Car Cleaning Tips

It is important that we care for and maintain our vehicles.  This means that we take them to the mechanic for their regular tune ups and have the oil changed, tires rotated, pressure measured and everything else done that helps maintain the working parts of our vehicles.  From there we need to take care of the exterior of our cars.  In many locations washing your car at your home is against the law.  Many areas have banned this due to drought conditions.  However, taking your vehicle to a car wash pflugerville is a great option.

When it comes to washing your car there are a lot of components that you need to look at.  First of all you want to start with the overall body of the vehicle.  You want to make sure that you wash down the car well with water before applying soap.  Then with the soap, really get into the nooks can crannies that make up your vehicle.  Finally, rise your car entirely to make sure that you don’t leave dirt and soap marks.


The bumpers of the car may not seem that important, but they are.  When washing your car, you want to polish your bumper till it shines.  This will help with the overall appearance of your car as well as remove any extra buildup that may be left behind. 


The dashboard of your vehicle will need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  The dashboard will have fingerprints, come in contact with dirt from food and is the area where we breathe on constantly.  For this reason, we want to make sure it is clean to help from spreading dirt and germs.

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Make sure that you clean the interior and shake out the carpets and floor mats.  When entering and exiting the vehicle our shoes will come in contact with these carpets and floor mats.  As such, you will want to clean them on a regular basis.  When we do, we are removing any collected dirt and debris that we could easily begin to transfer around with us.